VeluxBring light to life


Lightning Construction Is Authorized And Licensed For All VELUX Installation Jobs.

If you want your home to have an improved indoor environment, you should not wait anymore to get VELUX Sun Tunnels, Skylights and Roof Windows installed. We are here to get these items installed in your new or existing home.

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For more than 30 years Formsteel has accumulated experience in design, supply, delivery and erection of buildings and building products for rural, industrial and commercial use throughout New Zealand the Pacific Islands and South America.

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 New Zealand Certified Builders Association


Building with an approved member of the NZCB ensures you're in good hands. Not only will your builder do everything possible to deliver on what they've promised, their work will be backed by New Zealand's most comprehensive 10 Year Residential building guarantee


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Site SafeSite Safe

Our focus is in the Health and Safety area of the construction industry, where we aim to provide the best leadership, behaviour and systems to support a positive change in health and safety culture in New Zealand.

To achieve our mission and help our members and the wider construction industry reach their health and safety goals,

we focus on four stratagic objectives,


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NZSIP (Structural Insulated Panels)

Super-insulated and airtight, the Smart Structural Insulation Panels (SIP) Building System is an affordable, next-generation solution to building a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient home.


115mm Smart Floor, Wall & Roof Panels: With 90mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 4.5 of insulation.

165mm Smart Floor, Wall & Roof Panels: With 140mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 7 of insulation.

215mm Smart Roof Panels: With 190mm of High Density PUR foam core – providing R 9.4 of insulation.

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When you decide to build a Lockwood home, you are joining the Lockwood family. From the designers and engineers creating the plans to the skilled craftsmen producing the components in our factories, and the Lockwood authorised builders working hard on your site, everyone has the same strong sense of pride and commitment in the final outcome – your new home! 

In this unique and exclusive system, solid laminated timber planks and patented aluminium profiles are locked – rather than nailed – together to create a strong, versatile structure. Timber planks, posts and beams are machined and pre-drilled to take services and joinery, and allowances are made to incorporate the Lockwood vertical tie rod system, which makes your home structurally strong and resistant to damage from earthquakes and cyclones.

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